Lets Talk About Love

I wanted to write regularly but it seems hard and boring to do the same thing everyday. I don’t know why people prefer to stay within routine or schedule, I ain’t saying that its useless but somehow we need everyday to be different. I need that.

My last post was about the year ending and this time some miscellaneous thoughts which come across my mind several times.

Lets talk about love today, who don’t want love, everyone does.After all its holiday season and winter is romantic somehow for some people.

My Journal from 2010, Words sounds like music sometimes___

After having some heartaches and few past relationships (both good one and bad one) now it seems very hard to be committed for a true relationships. People feel it when they have had several relationships and at last they fall in love with themselves only. Its a crucial time when you need to make sure two things; first you will never let others hurt yourself (kinda selfish but its important) and second make sure you can rely on your loved one for long term. That reliance requires trust and understandings. Both two factor is hard to establish and there’s another way around, just go for some blind date and take a risk to continue that date with someone. You’re now well known to the facts that love hurts, and you’re prepared to protect yourself.

Well these are for ourselves, we don’t need any tips and tricks for love, just need to know that we wont hurt ourselves and the results bring positivity to all relationships.

Some people says single life is better but a committed relationships could bring more energy to life; you will need to convince yourself and your partner about all the possibilities.

Finally I have no plot to make my note interesting, its just random thoughts and I want to continue writing. I just set my mind to do this, no matter how bad I am doing.


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