How can I write something which is hard to think about?  Yes but I am doing it.

Does anyone ever come across with the word desire?

What does it mean?

Desire! A hope, a dream, an appetite our soul. Isn’t it? We have been searching all the things from music to religion to our loved one only to please ourselves. Does desire means you to please someone else? I guess no. we have desire to fulfill our own needs and feed our own hunger.

Well while talking about pleasing ourselves I will divide this pleasure into two different things, mental and physical. Now you can visualize those reasons and know why I am dividing this thing into two different parts; but its only one important part of a human being.

Physical desire is nothing but sex which has very strange reasons to create intimacy (which connect to the next point), and this desire seeks only the forbidden thing of our society. It doesn’t cover the loyalty part, we all know that.

Second comes the soul/emotional/platonic part which making a huge impact on everyone’s love story. You can’t deny it at all. This is the real appetite of our life, and for this appetite people do foolish things and also crime. Like buddy of mine once said, love is the only thing which push us to do our job, no matter how boring or vulgar it is, all we knew is coming back to home and sleep in a nest of love.

I just called one of my friend and she told me that love is the only reason to cry, laugh or ignore some relationships/people. Somehow I agree with her. Desire is one primary element of love, if you’re not agreeing with me logically, but you have to agree with me scientifically.

I already mentioned in my previous posts that I don’t have plot, I am just typing whatever comes to my mind. I am happy to see some followers, thank you guys. I am trying to bring something alive from my thoughts and memories and also trying to explain how I see this world. That’s my desire right now !!


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