Calendar Girl

  She is like a calendar, pretty as the one calendar girl She always on time, like a slave She count every day, every month upto a year Next year she change color More spicy and creative She looks more preoccupied with wildest dreams She flew to win time She drew some circles She drop … Continue reading Calendar Girl



  Your shining smile shattered my nightmare I love you for replacing reality Alas another night has gone !

Unconscious Mumble

My voice compressed by the echoes of your forbidden song. I rolled my eyes illusions are complex as blunders can be forgiven yes, mercy falls in my cup visions cheats. My body an appearance of diluted sketch torn into three pieces a dull, cold, pessimist winter A smile buried beneath the summer A weeping spring … Continue reading Unconscious Mumble


I found solace in your arms your urges to incite the riot within me and kindness that ruled my tiny world. You gave me serenity, but left the demon untied Now these scenic landscapes bring solace solitudes is another gift. I remember you, your frequent moves. A coach, a brave little bird. I had my … Continue reading Nostalgia

Shadow of A Life in a Tiny World

Two visionary transcription of the tiny world  and loner from the crowd. Feel, see and learn. each encounters give something to consume. If summaries:-  Pain is universal and trust is fragile To smile and to survive  adapting never ending curiosity, eagerness, hope and greed. A roof, a plate of food and a pair of jeans ! Drawing fundamentalistic … Continue reading Shadow of A Life in a Tiny World

An Ocean Cannot be A Lie

I wish I can feel you I want to I should try an ocean cannot be a lie between you and I. I rather ran away I tried to I could cry an ocean cannot be a lie between you and I. I am sending tranche I will do till I die an ocean cannot … Continue reading An Ocean Cannot be A Lie