To Unknown

A mellow sun from the western sky
reflecting through her misty eye
In a scary voice she whisper
A song of solitude and a naive affair
She flung to the river side
Rode on a tiny boat, to sail against the tide
She chased some mystic shadows
Rehearse the voodoo dance on a weary flow
She draws a broken sigh
Water tears and a unspoken lie
Recalling her past of prime,
A story of her undone crime,
She wanted to kill her bastard child
A sin she ought when she was wild
Escaping the truth, she regret and remorse
The father of her child wasn’t there of course
Now five years gone
She couldn’t kill her son
This river could led her to unknown
unknown is what she call now a home
she could left her son but he is too young
He sang melancholy feel her more alone
now he went to her mom,
And she swift to the unknown.


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