Shadow of A Life in a Tiny World


Two visionary transcription of the tiny world 

and loner from the crowd.

Feel, see and learn.

each encounters give something to consume.

If summaries:- 

Pain is universal and trust is fragile

To smile and to survive 

adapting never ending curiosity, eagerness, hope and greed.

A roof, a plate of food and a pair of jeans !

Drawing fundamentalistic sketch on the wall,

everyday is not same to pretend  to be blind. 

Chemical assist to sink in a doomed Society

or to un see the pale skinned melancholic girl,

 to adjourns weeping soul of that child ?

End of the day sun settle sad, dawn will relocate the reality

A gypsy moon always dwell. 

Summing up money, work and hypocrites

Night melt with the ice on old wine

Undress an ancient beauty 

who admires collection of old song.

Few argument on Politics 

Religion and all known romance. 

Tears for the loss,

Cheers to the youth

Orgasm is better than yoga,

but sleeping is yet impossible. 

Definitions misplaced or mistaken !

Random hit cannot defeat it all

A nihilistic revolution moving the world.

One way or another, roller-coaster twerks

Diving to the deep thought’s ocean

Chasing shadow

An outcast 

Or a mumbling poet.


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