Light House

Was almost there To the beginning of infinite union Biased thoughts acts strongly. If they didn't Our acts could be technicolor I overestimated everything Never knew trust could be so fragile I didn't plan for this I got blame for a while. Yet some memories I love to rewind When we were like "shut the … Continue reading Light House



With the wide open arms of love wrap yourself up. prepare; as sometimes there's a fire in the sky and sometimes rain wont let you fly! Host me with a moonlight silver shower and a fluorescent sun will keep everything bright. I saw delights lounging in optimal heights it was always there lurking in my … Continue reading Urge

Words and Rhymes

I've slept on the edge of time, like I was about to step off a ledge in my mind, a pledge being made to write rhymes, till death or there's nothing left to find, you can see me, I am doing fine yet there's something I always hide a melancholy in a specific time you … Continue reading Words and Rhymes

Little More Life

Little more life with couple more of sunshine Let us suffer awhile for the sake of those desires that grows inside. Full of rejoice reflects on your pictures than I started collecting your dresses from the floor I guess there will be no stone upon our graves, neither any words.   You wanted the smile … Continue reading Little More Life

Like A Phoenix

I die and born every day like the sun in west or the dawn in est in between I sleep by the lullaby with silver shower from a gypsy moon. It seems like a fall if you try different perspective find me always re crawl chase to seize a parallel paradigm ending in infinity. Once … Continue reading Like A Phoenix

The vision of Love

Like night blooming jasmine your petals are thorny mysterious yet obvious my visions are melancholic as your touch are allergic. In love undress the ancient beauty I feel warmth in her breast. her nails are sharp and wild yet she is so kind. Later the smells and memories dwell few smile and more tears in … Continue reading The vision of Love


you taught me in school that was your syllabus same democracy you promised but library told me its oligarchy. you sold my faith you mock my beliefs you took my money you played with my freedom Democracy, a misspelled word in a misplaced system If I am the mirror, I hate to reflects you If … Continue reading Democracy


Ain't a dancer but I can groove Sliding my hands around your waist I can do the funky move. She waited for me in the bar I was rehearsing my step I was scared for any blunder. She acquainted by someone else wore a perfume on his tuxedo In the end, I rewrite a poem … Continue reading Tuxedo


He is the man who strives, crawl and defy love She slip on his sweaty back but never loosen her grip. their dream cling in to the her. I write, I justified I see people I see struggle meanwhile I stopped by to see the owners of invincible souls.

Fallen One

How long I can stand on my mistakes. I survived harsh winters couple more I dreamed. last evening we stood together and gazed on west to a sinking mellow sun. I mocked all the storm of silence faked life and events to hide last night I wailed beneath the gypsy moon and fought my last, … Continue reading Fallen One