You Are Something

​ Like a strange bird from a dew wrapped evening, else a fragrance from a unknown wild flowers from hills I imagine something like that about you. Who built those dreamy fairytale in your twinkling eyes? Garland of hope's Patels you wore in your heart all the time, I see something like that in you. … Continue reading You Are Something


The Game We Love

​Love lingers on a tiny cabin She swirl and tender to sing a love song I lay my weary head on thorny lap of roses A story of a abandoned forest, ghost and a little girl made us asleep. We fought for space and freedom Deliberately lose my battle to keep up the game. We … Continue reading The Game We Love

This Moment

Babe, shine with your smile, Rise up and see  We are having our time. This could be only us forever Or together for a while. Who cares, Untill we believe that love and life  they were both fragile. Dust to dust, Ashes to ashes we chase, This moment could become decade. Whatever it will be, … Continue reading This Moment

Love of River 

Have you ever fall in love with a river  Felt like can't live without it ! A patience less love, When the water turns to be your emotion. Sounds accompany your solitude River becomes the last resort But both save each other from dying A bridge of water connecting you and the river, Witness the … Continue reading Love of River 


It's been a while I have been organising a sad festival In my memory beach Drinking all the wine to spend the night. You have been tracking the event But have you ever thought to ask me That "who kicked of the opening ceremony"?

Silent Procession and Double Standard

Processing, a procession of silence A flame in our hurt burning low An anger is rising yet we keep demon on leash. Like them, we are liar too We decieve us, we outplay our people We processing, a procession of silence Acting like ordinary people Suppress the crying hearts And became oppressors of ourselves. Though … Continue reading Silent Procession and Double Standard

A Fragile Dream

I carry a fragile dream But I handle with utmost care In a century long revolution, Sometimes I became the tired soldier, Than that dream inspire me. In a thousands of sleepless night That dream accompany me. A dream I cling into Is a tool to cope up with reality.  

The Mirror Man

The man in the mirror A stranger with a scary  face. A smile leaked through his dark burned lips It smells like nicotine. He asks silly questions He cry He smile He node He advice But he never show himself without me He supposed to be my reflection But just a stranger wearing my face. … Continue reading The Mirror Man

Jiggering House Sparrow

A bunch of house sparrow jiggering in her eyes. She, a little girl wrapped in polka doted dress Rehearsing the midnight song under divine moonshine. Meanwhile I am chasing fireflies for her, to impress.