We went to this colouful town, capital of the Neverland

With you and your friends witnseed the rainbow which kept us calm and lightening the soul,

But suddenly the war begun, we were digging foxhole next time

That chemical burst near us, I tried to hide you in my arms.. but something hit your eyes and made you blind

Ah now you didn’t see me but you said you can smell my presence and hear my sound,

Darling it wasn’t the crayon world of yours, just a mundane earthly realm.

Greed, hatred, religion and politics all are here which can easily melt crayons

A blind you, a hopeless me and our faithful friends, were running hiding and trying to eescape

I knew there’s no escape, but you made us too strong to give up,

I knew there’s only death, before that I wanted to carry you.. like you carried me all the time,

Living loving and dying if all these would be done together with you, there’s something I can really do.

I don’t know what i can do,a voice whispered into my ears, go boy hope is with you as well as your girl.

In the end I become brave, no more hopeless.. You can see me one day but we were not dying here, we will create and live in a crayon world someday, it’s a promise and plan for you my love.

Trust me we will make it one day.


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