Profound Beauty

If you are not beautiful people never notice you
You hardly receive invitation,
You stand on the corner of those photographs, may be you don’t appear
For you there’s a thousand of commercials, products
“how to become beautiful to grab attention” because they knew you are unknown
They won’t cast you even if you can perform better
They won’t dress you because you are not fair
They won’t click you because you are not brighter
They won’t sing for you because you don’t have any affair
But dear, there’s always some people who can see you
Who follow you who want to know you,
The outer beauty is to show the world but the inner one can rule
Outer beauty will fade away, but inner one always grow
No matter how they treat you, ignore you make you feel embarrassed
In the end, they all bow to profound beauty, because that is what they never could have.


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