The Gentle Smile

I always have had this gentle smile
which now I miss all the time!
I measure the cost; I think I can’t afford; anymore
In my early twenty I was in love,
too deep and reckless
Her charm and beauty lit up my life
a moon shone every night,
but it was not meant to last forever
that’s the sad part of it.
Now I stand on a dark side, love is on other;
none of us feeling right.
Once I had this bright sunshine in cloudful of sky,
now I lost my sight.
Time comes to move on,
I tried most
like every man should.
but memories bring her back every morning,
that’s veryunkind and unfair because
I need to love this new girl more than any other
A broken heart finds another broken heart,
both bleed but easily bond and ready for the ride
she is the one can carry me to the brighter side,
because she knows how desperate I am for a gentle smile
she said “lets smile, we shredded tears for a very long time”


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