An Ocean Cannot be A Lie



I wish I can feel you
I want to
I should try
an ocean cannot be a lie
between you and I.

I rather ran away
I tried to
I could cry
an ocean cannot be a lie
between you and I.

I am sending tranche
I will do
till I die
an ocean cannot be a lie
between you and I.

I am holding into memories
I try to erase
its never so easy
an ocean cannot be a lie
between you and I.

I am standing on mistakes
I cannot fix you
neither myself
an ocean cannot be a lie
between you and I.

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Reach to You

I will find my way to reach you. In beneath a summer moon I learnt to crawl from a wuthering storm I learnt to fly and by an unleashed demon, now I know How to run like a wind. I can stand against the world because I never let my shangrila weep.

Unconscious Mumble


tortured_soul_by_rhcp24-d8obu1lMy voice
compressed by the echoes
of your forbidden song.
I rolled my eyes
illusions are complex
as blunders can be forgiven
yes, mercy falls in my cup
visions cheats.

My body
an appearance of diluted sketch
torn into three pieces
a dull, cold, pessimist winter
A smile buried beneath the summer
A weeping spring in judas cradle
we are all unkind.

Image Source: Deviantart

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The vision of Love


night blooming jasmine
your petals are thorny
mysterious yet obvious
my visions are melancholic
as your touch are allergic.

In love
undress the ancient beauty
I feel warmth in her breast.
her nails are sharp and wild
yet she is so kind.

the smells and memories dwell
few smile and more tears
in a winter bath tub
love touch us to remind
we are all alive.

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Words and Rhymes



I’ve slept on the edge of time,
like I was about to step off
a ledge in my mind,
a pledge being made to write rhymes,
till death or there’s nothing left to find,
you can see me,
I am doing fine
yet there’s something I always hide
a melancholy in a specific time
you will find me here serving for my crime
In a box for wasting rhymes,
detox as I erase man kind,
breathe top air cos man can’t stop there,
Let’s drop fair use,
as we abuse freedom begging a God
cos we need him?
we rely on words to rhyme
a shift of paradigm swift every line
invincible with words and lies
somehow we learned how to undone a crime.

(first collaboration with Darren Bennett )

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For what a recluse writing for

A recluse, probably bound to be. With all the efforts and time declared as lifeless and numb. Raging and screaming but voice were unheard Scripting, rhyming and styling the writing Its a state of unconscious gamble for light Or just to deliver the message to her who were always unkind Dusty sight is causing moist … Continue reading For what a recluse writing for

Infinite Revolt

First I rise For a piece of heaven I crawl. Than I fall again the old me start to remorse. I am an outcome of this infinite revolt Every day I rise, everyday I fall.