Reach to You

I will find my way to reach you. In beneath a summer moon I learnt to crawl from a wuthering storm I learnt to fly and by an unleashed demon, now I know How to run like a wind. I can stand against the world because I never let my shangrila weep.

Profound Beauty

If you are not beautiful people never notice you You hardly receive invitation, You stand on the corner of those photographs, may be you don’t appear For you there’s a thousand of commercials, products “how to become beautiful to grab attention” because they knew you are unknown They won’t cast you even if you can … Continue reading Profound Beauty

The Gentle Smile

I always have had this gentle smile which now I miss all the time! I measure the cost; I think I can’t afford; anymore In my early twenty I was in love, too deep and reckless Her charm and beauty lit up my life a moon shone every night, but it was not meant to … Continue reading The Gentle Smile

Crayon world

We went to this colouful town, capital of the Neverland With you and your friends witnseed the rainbow which kept us calm and lightening the soul, But suddenly the war begun, we were digging foxhole next time That chemical burst near us, I tried to hide you in my arms.. but something hit your eyes … Continue reading Crayon world

Luscious Hair

Those ringlet of your luscious hair, Rolling, waving and beating my face in flashbacks every time. Its kind of electric, Killing the baflfe-headed monster in my dream, lifting me, raising me to saize the summer bloom. Should I crave more of you, Hence we all have  our Angel and demons If I ask more of … Continue reading Luscious Hair

Since I know you

With your mystics you put a spell on me Now it's gonna mess my head Should I prepare for a good times, Or just lock myself, a prisoner of own mind. Don't know the truth but you reflect something, Something good and kind with some alram inside, Something push me back to my other side … Continue reading Since I know you