Behold the changes of the season as the winter swiped by rains, tread through the puddles and let the time drain the lore of troubles. Follow the green and blue dream with a little effort it will become purely lucid, It’s another way to soften the reality without missing the downpour.

Let It Happen

When I put the sun on the west to sleep let the evening usher and the city utter all the songs we wrote today.. we will sing it together when I raise the moon with sparkle of stars alongside let the darkness play around us let's believe we have an affair naive may be, but … Continue reading Let It Happen

Flying and floating attribute

With the wings of night she fly towards the hills, a moon clipped in her hair stars speak about her anatomy. It is you my darling phoenix of my poem, rising of my kundalini ups and down of my roller coaster ride. How can I forget to mention your smile runs electricity through me like … Continue reading Flying and floating attribute

State of Mind

Drifting with the thoughts and wailing, somehow solemnly agreed to the flow Simultaneously fade in a reciprocal system of glory and delight She reign the memory lane which seems to be very right Skeptic mind reluctant to open the door yet she can knock it down in a single blow.

She locked me out of my Shangri-la

Dewdrops of darkness falls only to create rackets on the grounds It scatter all the silence I ever embraced scratches all of my hidden wounds. Drinking all the numbness cooking fairy tales from a blurry vision she locked me out of my shangri-la plead to many but earned more rejection. Warnings of the final goodbye … Continue reading She locked me out of my Shangri-la

Lets Crumble to the Sea

Gazing at the wild river the man inside me crumble to the sea, and it feed him to creep and peek the formation of a new dawn bright sunshine on his knees. You are a river to me now, If you refused to carry me I might have to blend with the mountain greens all … Continue reading Lets Crumble to the Sea

Elegant or Evil

Once I tried to win over hatred by love But in an exploited society it was a very lame attempt Since then I have been murmuring in self contradiction Evil people, world cannot be a better place anymore, Everything doomed along with humanity. We all grow along with time Before now once again my perspective … Continue reading Elegant or Evil

A New Start

Whispers of the long lost love, bringing more coldness to my winter A little glimpse of your smile, is healing all the aching in my mind. Time rise and fall, Peoples come and goes In between you happen to be a chance, to wrap up all the wrath against the world. A new song to … Continue reading A New Start

Let the Moon witness us

The moon is reckless sometimes whenever you undress it shines bright and softly touch all the curves smoothly dive in that darkest part of you and incite a riot in me and the stars just smiles Smile at us , as we keep the world aside  and the water kiss your legs want to shallow … Continue reading Let the Moon witness us

Rainbow For Me

I drew my rainbow, I let the rain pour, I swift the season by my choice. I set the sunset, I freed the birdies to fly towards the west. I lit up the moon, I let the fireflies glow. I let myself wail and scream... I let the silence sing. I forced the shadow to … Continue reading Rainbow For Me