Crayon world

We went to this colouful town, capital of the Neverland With you and your friends witnseed the rainbow which kept us calm and lightening the soul, But suddenly the war begun, we were digging foxhole next time That chemical burst near us, I tried to hide you in my arms.. but something hit your eyes … Continue reading Crayon world


Ophelia; from Isolation to Desolation



Shredded heart bleeds blue
high and isolated
she is her own muse.
Sinking in whisky
headed up to desolation,
betrayed yet easy to wield,
standing next to misery.

She is ophelia
Belongs to a forbidden town.
a victim and stressed lover,
stumbled and floundered
innocence died with her virgin blood
youth is now aged bride
exaggerate some wailing groove.

Sings and weeps
scars and tattoos shine
her unadorned and blazed ancient beauty
ushers to vanity and delusions
She slept with a dethroned prince
kiss and undress that ample girl
tried to be faded by singing celtic song
accused by unforgiven deeds of others
from isolation ophelia headed upto desolation.

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Luscious Hair

Those ringlet of your luscious hair, Rolling, waving and beating my face in flashbacks every time. Its kind of electric, Killing the baflfe-headed monster in my dream, lifting me, raising me to saize the summer bloom. Should I crave more of you, Hence we all have  our Angel and demons If I ask more of … Continue reading Luscious Hair

Since I know you

With your mystics you put a spell on me Now it's gonna mess my head Should I prepare for a good times, Or just lock myself, a prisoner of own mind. Don't know the truth but you reflect something, Something good and kind with some alram inside, Something push me back to my other side … Continue reading Since I know you

Sunset Regain

I love the mellow sun while it sinks in far western ridge, It's a reminder, another day I successfully lived. And a promise, after darkness dawn will revive Sunset steal my gaze, this is how I learn to surrvive.   Once I lost my sight, by the city neon flashlight, But I had this picture … Continue reading Sunset Regain

Riding to Neverland

Spellbound I am riding west Through a deserted valleyTo a madding crowd of dreams.Couldn’t stop and stare,The dissolving shadows of wuthering pastYet those candid flashback follows me.I was told for hopes and lifeA neverland I am gonna find.

The Needing of You

You are developing your root inby creeping in the shadow of moonlight, NowAll grasses in my courtyard,ComplainingCravingRequesting that they have been missingthe gentle treading of yours barren feet's.

Arson to Burn All Your Sins

Since the beginning staring at the flame, I m the arsonist to blame. Triggered by an evil desire, that’s the home we built together Abandoned by all the seasons, I will be interrogated for many reasons. Since the day you refrain for a kiss, you divulged what I am gonna miss. A change of heart ablaze … Continue reading Arson to Burn All Your Sins