Little More about me and the blog

Its been a year, and still I am struggling to write something appropriate in this blog. Most of the people with whom I shared my story they suggest me to write it down, but yet I am looking for that inspiration which can push me to write that long story, I am a lazy guy after all.

Writing is not always easy, though I have lots of thing in my mind, sometimes I want to write about the books I have read or review those classic movies or just express my thoughts on songs of led Zeppelin, the doors, Pink Floyd, Beatles or Bob Dylan. Sometimes I wanted to write about those people who surprised me with their behavior, depressed me with their stories or amuse me with their way of thinking. In the end I end up with poetry, as that is what is easy for me right now but tough one always.

Now visualize, the name I choose only because with words I want you to visualize what it could be like, a simple word can give you a big scene to visualize and as a follower of minimalism, I found it appropriate. “Some random notes”, that define my inability to be rigid, a confused one to stick with one theme, I am moving one topic to another. Even in life I prefer my self to be a digital nomad, that’s how I came up with that tagline. Isn’t it childish ? Even if it could be childish thenmy excuse would be my inner child. Once in a workshop which conducted by my friend, taught me about inner child that always wanted to come out of the closet. More you give him the  Chance, more you can enjoy being alive, even it helps adults to be cheerful, enthusiast and creative. So its me coming out of the closet and horsing around to please myself and feed your thoughts with my words.

Thanks to those who followed my blog, and spend your precious time reading my random thoughts/poems. I never wanted to reveal my writing in public, but now I do because someone really make me brave to do this. People come and goes but they taught us those thing which we never learn from books or quotes. Stay tuned for next post, because I don’t want to be lazy anymore.


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